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Batiks are hand dyed by artisans from Bali, Indonesia. Premium 44 inch wide cotton fabric. 
140 results
Summer Zest Artisan Batik - Green
Summer Zest Artisan Batik - Azure Daisy
Summer Zest Artisan Batik - Royal
Bali Batik - Olive
Bali Batik - Olive
From $6.25
Bali Batik - Nasturtium Dots
Bali Batik - Bluebonnet Dots
Tonga Batik Honor - Flag Rounded Stars Batik
Tonga Batik Honor - Painted Fireworks Batik
Tonga Batik Honor - Flag Stars Batik
Tonga Batik Honor - Red Usa And Stars Batik
Moodscapes Artisan Batik - Poppy
Moodscapes Artisan Batik - Marigold
Moodscapes Artisan Batik - Red
Moodscapes Artisan Batik - Fuchsia
Moodscapes Artisan Batik - Rose
Moodscapes Artisan Batik - Parakeet
Moodscapes Artisan Batik - Honeysuckle
Mardi Gras Artisan Batik - Purple Fleur De Lis
Mardi Gras Artisan Batik - Purple Diamonds
Mardi Gras Artisan Batik - Yellow Fleur De Lis
Watercolor Blossoms Artisan Batik - Turquoise
Watercolor Blossoms Artisan Batik - Peacock
Watercolor Blossoms Artisan Batik - Honeysuckle
Watercolor Blossoms Artisan Batik - Bright
Watercolor Blossoms Artisan Batik - Azure
Bali Batik - Foliage Lapis
Bali Batik - Mixed Leaves Grape
Bali Batik - Smoothies Lapis
Bali Batik - Moonstruck
Bali Batik - Fanciful Fuchsia
Bali Batik - Cinnamon/Gold
Bali Batik - Chamomile
Bali Batik - Raven Dots
1895 Bali Watercolor Batiks - Black Grape
Bali Batik - Violet
Bali Batik - Violet
From $5.75
Bali Batik - Copacabana
140 results
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