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Layer Cakes & Ten Squares

Layer Cakes and Ten Squares are a bundle of 10 inch fabric squares, quantity of 42 squares in each pack. Fabrics in each Layer Cakes and Ten Squares come from the same collection, so no need to mix and match, it's already done for you. Many patterns ask for Layer Cakes and Ten Squares so you'll never run out of use for them.

40 results
Tula's True Colors - 10" Charm Pack
Modern BG Even More Paper Layer Cake
Fresh from the Grove 10 Karat Crystals
Only 4 left!
Country Heart 10 Karat Gems
Only 4 left!
Soft Spectrum 10 Karat Gems
Only 4 left!
Dash of Pepper 10 Karat Gems
Only 4 left!
Bubble Up 10 Karat Gems
Only 4 left!
Magic Colors 10 Karat Gems
Only 4 left!
Sapphire Sky 10 Karat Gems
Only 4 left!
Ruby Days 10 Karat Gems
Only 4 left!
Sister Bay Layer Cake
Rose Layer Cake
Love Note Layer Cake
One Fine Day Layer Cake
Carolina Lilies Layer Cake
Timber Layer Cake
Fresh Fig Favorites Layer Cake
Nocturnal Layer Cake
Hope Blooms Layer Cake
Moonstone Layer Cakes
Pearl Light Ten Squares
Diamond Dots 10 Karat Gems
Noah & Friends 10" Squares
Midnight Magic 2 Layer Cake
Tarrytown Layer Cake
Miss Marguerite 10x10 Pack
Crystal Lane Layer Cake
Heirloom Layer Cake
Little Ducklings Layer Cake
Summer Breeze Layer Cake
Cozy Up Layer Cake
Tochi Layer Cake
Boudoir Layer Cake
Adorn Layer Cake
Dance In Paris Metallic Layer Cake
Bella Solids Layer Cake - White
40 results
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