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Purse Accessories

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Zipper Pull Handmade In Nickel
Vinyl Transparent 12 G Clear Glitter
Poppins Bag
Poppins Bag
Adjustable Slide Buckle - 1in Silver Nickel
Zipper Pulls Candy Color Mix Assorted Colors
Zipper Pull Handmade In Antique Brass
Swivel Hook Antique Gold
Swivel Hook and D Ring - Silver Nickel 1in
RFID fabric
RFID fabric
Metal Bag Label Oval Handmade In Antique Brass
Metal Bag Label Handmade With Bird In Nickel
Metal Bag Label Handmade With Bird In Antique Brass
Magnetic Snap Nickel Finish 1/2in
Small Turn Lock - Antique Brass
Small Turn Lock - Gold Finish
Craf Tex Camden Bag Large
Vinyl Transparent 12G Hot Pink Glitter
Poppins Bag Stays
Swivel Hook
Swivel Hook
Swivel Hook and D Ring - Black Nickel 1in
Swivel Hook and D Ring - Antique Gold 1in
Small Swivel Hook & D-Ring Gunmetal
Small Swivel Hook & D-Ring Antique Brass
Parachute Buckles
Metal Bag Label Oval Handmade In Gold
Metal Bag Label Handcrafted Made In The USA In Nickel
Magnetic Snap Square Sew-In
Magnetic Snap Square Nickel 3/4in
Magnetic Snap Square Gilt 3/4in
Key Fob Hardware Refill
Key Fob Hardware
Keychain Coin Purse Hardware Kit
Double Flip Shoulder Bag Hardware Kit Gunmetal
D Ring and Swivel Clip Nickel 1ct - 3/4in
D Ring annd Swivel Clip Brass 1ct - 3/4in
Cassidy Crossover Hardware Kit
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