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Minkee / Cuddle

We carry one of the highest quality minkee fabric around, Cuddle by Shannon Fabrics. Made from 100% polyester microfiber with a soft plush finish, cuddle fabric is great for making extra soft blankets, toys, loungewear.

We have a variety of colors in solids stocked as well as striped, paisley, novelty prints, dots, and much more.

Note that the Cuddle Dimple Fabrics have upraised dots for an extra textured feel.

49 results
Cuddle Solid - Ivory
Cuddle Solid - Platinum
Cuddle Solid - Silver
Cuddle Solid - Brown
Cuddle Solid - Eggplant
Cuddle Solid - Jade
Cuddle Solid - Jade
From $7.99
Cuddle Solid - Mango
Cuddle Solid - Golden
Luxe Cuddle - Llama White
Cuddle Solid - Honeydew
Cuddle Solid - Mocha
Cuddle Solid - Paris Pink
Cuddle Solid - Basil
Cuddle Solid - Fuchsia
Luxe Cuddle - LLama Rose Water
Cuddle Solid - Aruba
Cuddle Solid - Charcoal
Cuddle Solid - Coral
Cuddle Solid - Mallard
Luxe Cuddle -  Shearling Navy
Luxe Cuddle -  Shearling Merlot
Luxe Cuddle -  Shearling Black
Luxe Cuddle -  Shearling Ivory
Luxe Cuddle - Ziggy Castle Rock
Luxe Cuddle - Sherpa Navy
Luxe Cuddle - Chinchilla Latte
Luxe Cuddle - Chinchilla Blossom
Luxe Cuddle -  Shearling Snow
Luxe Cuddle -  Shearling Silver
Cuddle Bliss Batik - Evergreen
Cuddle Bliss Batik - Cardinal
Cuddle Bliss Batik - Belize
Luxe Cuddle - Llama Ivory
Cuddle Solid - Jewel
Luxe Cuddle - Dazzle Hide Ivory/Gold
Cuddle Solid - Lavender
49 results
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