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Fabric panels have been separated into this category for your browsing convenience. You will find panels with various themes including Christmas, children, spring, Autumn, animals, nature and so much more! Also included are panels with cutout patterns such as stuffed animals, story characters, stockings, quilt labels, and aprons.

Most panels are 44" wide with a length of either 24" or 36".

35 results
Feathered Friends 24" Panel
Red Barn Panel 36" Digital Panel
Snow Play Frost 28" Panel
Stay Till Winter Christmas  29" Panel
Stag In The Sunset 30" Panel
Truck In The Snow 36" Digital Panel
Happy Harvest 24" Panel
Into the Meadow - Forest                                                                                                     2022 Hoffman Challenge Fabric
Down by the Lake 24" Panel
Hydrangea Garden 24" Panel
Patriots America The Beautiful 24" Panel
Celebrate the Seasons Panel
Just Sew 24" Sewing Labels Panel
Four Seasons 36" Panel
Tropicolor Birds 24" Panel
Tropicolor Birds 36" Panel
Stay Till Winter Snow 30" Panel
All American White 24" Panel
Wanderlust  24" Panel
Beach Time 24" Panel
Alluring Butterflies Kaleidoscope 24" Panel w/Metallic Accents
Alluring Butterflies  24" Panel w/ Metallic Accents
Paradise Bay 24" Panel
Vegetable Medley 24" Panel
Forest Light 24" Panel
Owl Arabesque  24” Panel
Home On The Range 24" Western Panel
Beach Time 24" Pillow Panel
Homemade Happiness Country Market 24" Panel
Homemade Made With Love 24" Panel
Homemade Happiness Spread Joy 24" Panel
Midnight Run 24" Panel
Spirit Animals Leopard Wolf  24" Panel
Spirit Animals Owl Fox 24" Panel
Proud to be an American  Flag 24" Panel
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