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4.5" long, lightweight ergonomic spring action snips. Used for needle arts: sewing, quilting, embroidery, applique, fashion design, etc. These snips allow you to get under those tiny stitches for easy removal. Spring action allows both left handed and right handed people to use, and perfect for people with ailments that prevent them from using normal thread scissors. 

Eliminate those accidental snips of the fabric. Thin Curved Blade – allows you to get as close as you want without snagging, jabbing or poking your work. Micro Serrated Blade – holds your thread ensuring no slipping or bending, giving you a clean cut. Famore Stitch Snips can be Re-Sharpened – since we use a high quality German stainless steel. Greatly used for sniping – small paper, fabrics, thread, and light applique projects.


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