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Kiss & Makeup Hanging Travel Bag Pattern


Handmade travel has never looked better! This bag's perfect for toting your favorite knick knacks near and far.

Finished Bag: 12'' x 26'' (open), 8 3/4'' x 12'' (closed via trifold)

1 yard (36” x 40”) main exterior/bindings print*
1/2 yard (18” x 40”) lining print*
1/2 yard (18” x 58”) ByAnnie’s Soft and Stable
2'' length of 1'' wide polypro strapping or cotton webbing
(1) Closed S-Hook Hanger LB-CSHH1** (or comparable hardware)
(1) 24’’ Handbag Zipper*** (ByAnnie.com)
(1) 30’’ Handbag Zipper with Double Slide*** (ByAnnie.com)
(1) 16” x 18” vinyl

Wonder clips (for pinning)
Frixion heat-removable pen (or Hera marker for laminate)
Wonder Tape (1/4'' wide)
Basting spray

FOR LAMINATES: You will also need a Microtex needle (90/14), polyester thread, a Teflon/non-stick sewing machine foot, and tissue paper.

 Cotton or coated prints (laminates) or a combination may be used.
Pattern not suitable for sports or metal zippers. I recommend the ByAnnie brand specifically since assembly requires (3) removable/re-feedable zipper pulls. If using the ByAnnie (4 yard) Zippers By the Yard, you need 40” of zipper chain + 3 Individual Zipper Pulls.

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