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Moda Bake Shop: Rollin' Around - Softcover Book

CODE: B1597

Exciting new ways to use your favorite 2 1⁄2" strips! The Moda Bake Shop designers have cooked up a dozen intriguing new patterns designed specifically with jelly rolls as the main ingredient. Choose your favorite jelly roll bundle, add a background fabric and voila! You'll be able to create any of the beautifully coordinated scrap quilts in this book in record time because the strips are precut for you. 

When it comes to shopping for fabric, nothing is quite so appealing as Moda Jelly Rolls. These rolled-up bundles of 2-1/2"-wide fabric strips contain at least one of every fabric in a collection, like a sampler platter for fabric lovers. They're so temptingly cute to look at, it's sometimes hard to untie that bow and break into the roll. But, once you see the quilt patterns the Moda Bake Shop makers have designed, you'll unfurl those strips in no time. 

Link to Jelly Rolls: https://millersdrygoods.com/collections/jellyrolls-bali-pops

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