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by BasicGrey
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Frankie - Naive Sweetpea
Frankie - Sincere Pearl
Frankie - Grunge Myrtle
Frankie  Jelly Roll
Frankie Quilt Kit
Frankie - Naive Pearl Melon
Frankie - Naive Pearl Black
Frankie - On The Line Goldie
Frankie - Upfront Bonnie Blue
Frankie - Sincere Sweetpea
Frankie - On The Line Dull Black
Frankie - On The Line Melon
Frankie - Sincere Goldie
Frankie - Sincere Bonnie Blue
Frankie - Sincere Dull Black
Frankie - Kaleidoscope Bonnie Blue
Frankie - Kaleidoscope Sweetpea
Frankie - Uninhibited Melon
Frankie - Kaleidoscope Pearl
Frankie - Uninhibited Goldie
Frankie - Uninhibited Dull Black
Frankie - Uninhibited Pearl
Frankie - Grunge Bonnie Blue
Frankie - Grunge Goldie
Frankie - Grunge Melon
Frankie - Grunge  Dull Black
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