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Henry Glass

100% Cotton Fabrics from Henry Glass
180 results
Be Mine - Red Stitched Hearts
Hoppy Easter Gnomies - Green Easter Egg Toss
Hoppy Easter Gnomies - Blue Bunnies Tossed
Hoppy Easter Gnomies - Paint Splatter Gnomies and Eggs
Strawberry Garden - Multi Border Stripe
Strawberry Garden 36" Apron Panel
Strawberry Garden - Red Strawberries
Little Ones - Doe & Bunny Toss
Little Ones - Red Bricks All
Little Ones - Beige Floral Bouquet
Little Ones - Grey Tossed Bunnies
Little Ones - Beige Dots
Winter Garden - Cream Birds and Branches
108" Wide Backing - Cottage Linens Cream
Chocolate Covered Cherries - Black Cherry Pear Orchard
Chocolate Covered Cherries - Chestnut Sprigged Blooms
Chocolate Covered Cherries - Chocolate Floral
Chocolate Covered Cherries - Pink Sprigged Blooms
Chocolate Covered Cherries - Pink Polka Dot Clusters
Chocolate Covered Cherries - Pink Foulard
Chocolate Covered Cherries - Pink Floral
Gnome Town Heroes Book Panel
Christmas Legend 2 - Black Ornaments
Old Salem's Black Hat Society - Orange Spiderweb    *Glow In The Dark
Old Salem's Black Hat Society - Multi Patchwork   *Glow In The Dark
Old Salem's Black Hat Society - Black Ghosts   *Glow In The Dark
Harvest Hill - Cranberry Floral
Harvest Hill - Cream Harvest Floral
Harvest Hill - Pumpkin Seaweed Sprigs
Holiday Happy Place - Small Motif
Holiday Happy Place - Black She Sheds
Holiday Happy Place - Multi Vertical Stripe
Cavalier Crows - Black Daisies
Cavalier Crows - Packed Pumpkins
Nana Mae 6 - Yellow Tulips
Nana Mae 6 - Blue Tiny Daisies
180 results
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