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Henry Glass

140 results
Folio Vines - Celery
Itty Bitty Yarn Dyes - Tan Plaid
Nana Mae 3 Packed Daisy - Yellow
Sewing Accessories - White
Folio Vines - Dark Pumpkin
Glow in the Dark Fabric - Black Tossed Spiderwebs
Glow in the Dark Fabric - Purple Flying Witches
108" Wide Backing - Prairie Vine Tan
Snow Bird Flannel - Words & Snowman Tossed
Love Letters Novelty Stripe - Aqua & Red
Start Your Engines Words - Dark Grey
Folio Vines - Brown
Folio Vines - Brown
From $5.75
Mouse Plaid - Black
Mouse Plaid - Black
From $5.75
Farm Christmas - Irish Chain Patchwork
One Sister Yarn Dyes - Tan Plaid
One Sister Yarn Dyes - Gold
Pups in the Garden Scenic - Cyan
Pups in the Garden Tossed Allover Puppies
Grey/Red Winter Scene w/Animals Flannel
Tossed Sewing Machine - Charcoal
Nana Mae 4 1930's Reproduction Large Daisy - Purple
Nana Mae 4 1930's Reproduction Large Daisy - Aqua
Nana Mae 4 1930's Reproduction Large Daisy - Blue
Holiday Homestead Poinsettia - Multi
Nana Mae 3 Medium Floral - Purple
Balls of Yarn - Blue
Sand Dollars - Grey
Sand Dollars - Grey
From $5.75
Bloom & Birds - Cream
Pet Words - Cyan
Pet Words - Cyan
From $5.49
Windsor Park Beach Roses - Green
Windsor Park Daisy - Navy/Lavender
Windsor Park Heart Vine - Periwinkle
Black Textured Motifs Flannel
Snowflakes Flannel Black
Green Textured Chevron Flannel
Red Snowflakes Flannel
140 results
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