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Homespun is a lightweight fabric of fine cotton yarns, produced by using traditional colornial techniques of hand dying, warping, weaving and washing. Color variations and small irregularities are to be expected. They are part of the character and charm of true homespun. Machine wash in cold water, mild detergent. Dry on delicate cycle. Due to the nature of the fabric, some shrinkage is to be expected.

182 results
Grey & Teadye  Stripe Homespun
Tribal Pottery Tweed Thicket Homespun
Brown & Tan Check  Brushed Cotton
Blue & Teadye Check  Homespun
Gold & Black Plaid   Brushed Cotton
Denim Mini Check  Brushed Cotton
Solid Red Homespun
Solid Red Homespun
From $5.75
Country Stripes Homespun - Black/Tan
Black Check  Homespun
Red Stripe Brushed Cotton
Charcoal & Orange Homespun
Plum Pudding Tweed Thicket Homespun
Green & Tan Evergreens Stripe  Brushed Cotton
Solid Pumpkin Spice Homespun
Red & Teadye Stripe  Homespun
Sparrow Embroidered Cotton Wovens
Solid Brown  Brushed Cotton
Red & Teadye Small Windowpane Homespun
Green Congo  Tweed Thicket Homespun
Solid Navy Homespun
Solid Navy Homespun
From $5.75
Blue & Teadye Small Check  Homespun
Potpourri Tweed Thicket Homespun
Blue Suede Small Plaid  Brushed Cotton
Stolen Kiss Embroidered Cotton Wovens
Orange Embroidered Cotton Wovens
Brown/Tan Plaid   Brushed Cotton
Solid Grey Homespun
Solid Grey Homespun
From $5.49
Brown Plaid   Brushed Cotton
Orange Stripe  Homespun
Grey Antique Tin Check  Homespun
Grey Sparrow Check  Homespun
Grey Sparrow Stripe  Homespun
Grey Gateway  Cotton Woven
Black Stripe Homespun
Autumn Autumn Plaid Homespun
Tan Check  Brushed Cotton
182 results
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