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Seasonal and Holiday

25 results
Frosty's Family Pattern
Towering Trees Pattern
Diamond Drops Ornament Pattern
Farm Delivery Pattern
Fold'n Stitch Wreath Pattern
Fall Delivery Pattern
Twisted Star Ornament Pattern
Great Pumpkin Harvest Pattern
Tea Towel Snowman & Son Pattern
Pumpkin Spice Pattern
Little Scraps - Let It Snow Pattern
Happy Holidays Pattern
Autumn Time Border Stripe - Cream
Autumn Time Words - Butter
Pre-cuts Countdown Chain Pattern
Christmas Delivery Pattern
Snowball Snowman Pattern
Jingle Stockings Pattern
Tea Towel Patternlets Snowflake Pattern
Joyful Snowman Tea Towel Pattern
Fold n Stitch Holiday Accents Pattern
Little Scraps - A Little Flaky Pattern
Tea Towel Snowboarding Snowman Pattern
Holiday Stars Pattern
Lumberjack Stockings Pattern
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