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Seasonal and Holiday

25 results
Frosty's Family Pattern
Towering Trees Pattern
Diamond Drops Ornament Pattern
Fold'n Stitch Wreath Pattern
Farm Delivery Pattern
Twisted Star Ornament Pattern
Tea Towel Snowman & Son Pattern
Pumpkin Spice Pattern
Little Scraps - Let It Snow Pattern
Happy Holidays Pattern
Autumn Time Border Stripe - Cream
Autumn Time Words - Butter
Pre-cuts Countdown Chain Pattern
Fall Delivery Pattern
Christmas Delivery Pattern
Snowball Snowman Pattern
Jingle Stockings Pattern
Tea Towel Patternlets Snowflake Pattern
Joyful Snowman Tea Towel Pattern
Fold n Stitch Holiday Accents Pattern
Little Scraps - A Little Flaky Pattern
Great Pumpkin Harvest Pattern
Tea Towel Snowboarding Snowman Pattern
Holiday Stars Pattern
Lumberjack Stockings Pattern
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